"It's difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it."

Upton Sinclair

'oxymoron' - noun
'a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction'

Here is a collection of direct quotes from some (random) 'Head of Learning and Development' job descriptions I found online. The first set of quotes are from the "Objectives of the role" sections:

"Drive the new strategy"

"Supporting behavioural change in accordance with the People Strategy; aligned to the strategic vision and priorities of the organisation"

"Create new knowledge and confidence across the organisation"

"You will mould the learning culture from he group up and partner with clients to develop a learning community"

"Make a big impact by implementing a future thinking learning strategy"

"Set up and drive forward our Learning and Development strategy"

"Work in conjunction with the Business Planning and Strategic Workforce Planning functions to establish capability strengths in relation to current and future business requirements"

"You will help drive learning culture through influence of business and HR"

All sounds promising. And yet, these next quotes are taken from the "What you will be doing" sections of the same job descriptions:

"Develop learning solutions"

"Set up and embed all stages of the training life-cycle"

"Delivering an excellent cost efficient service ensuring a fully budgeted and scrutinised training plan"

"Develop cost effective training and development interventions"

"Ensure the Behavioural Competency Framework" is embedded in all of the learning and development interventions"

"Partnering with related functional areas to establish end to end training capabilities"

"Deliver the Line Manager training programme to drive consistency on how team members are managed"

"Support with organising and maintaining materials for training and tracking engagement"

"Work closely with the Training Manager to plan, schedule and deliver training courses"

Clearly the status quo culture continues to "eat strategy for breakfast"...

Paul works with Learning leaders who have to chosen to change what people expect from them



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